Rick Ross Weight Loss Diet Secrets Easy to Manage Diets

Rick Ross Weight Loss Diet Explained

Rick Ross weight loss diet secrets were revealed recently while Rick was in  the middle of running his Maybach Music Group record label and making great music. Rick decided to make his health a main priority after suffering a number of seizures, the most worrying of one when travelling on a plane.

Rick Ross’ weight became a key factor of his daily life after the Miami based and Grammy-nominated rap star’s weight tipped the scales reportedly at 300 pounds. Ross has managed to drop a massive 75 pounds (around 50 kilograms) since he began his diet routine.

rick ross weight loss diet secrets
Rick Ross the Grammy-nominated rap star offers tips on how to lose weight and live more healthily

Ross believes if he can shed the pounds, you too can follow his methods, and you too can lose weight. In an interview with the press, he offered tips on his weight loss, that you can easily follow along with.

Rick Ross the star rapper of the best selling albums Hood Billionaire and Mastermind decided to give up a few things since changing to his healthier lifestyle.

Cutting Back on Soda

Soda is filled with sugar so swap the soda for diet brands or cut them out completely for no sugar drinks if possible.

Eating at More Regular Hours

Working on a busy recording schedule and working long hours often led to eating large meals late at night even as late as 2am. Regulating the  time that you eat large meals so that your body has time to burn off the calories is a must, so keep large meal times to morning, midday or as early evening as possible.

Taking up CrossFit or Some Exercise

Exercising more is the best way to increase the fat burn but often can be an issue for busy schedules. Ross took up CrossFit so that he could limit the time spent on exercise to 20 minutes a day. CrossFit is a great high intensity cardio workout which is good for both endurance and also simultaneously builds muscle.

Keep Hydrated

This is an easy one but often overlooked. Drink more water and drink it often. Many people confuse thirst with hunger so keep hydrated and drinking before meals helps you feel fuller sooner. Ross also cut back on the regular alcohol and volumes of this choosing water in the day for hydration.

Treat Yourself

This is a good point as Ross maintains he did not cut out his favorite treats but keeps them regulated so that he doesn’t feel like he’s missing out on anything. He is now eating more fruit within his diet.

Rick Ross Weight Loss Diet Success

The real success of Rick Ross weight loss diet is apparent on how much weight he was able to lose but also importantly he was able to maintain the weight loss which is a great sign that the diet is easy to manage so people do not feel the need to dump it and go back to their old habits.  Importantly though Rick Ross weight loss diet has been adopted by a number of his celebrity colleagues with great success. so that is the best sign of success that others feel that they can emulate it. Give it  a try yourself and leave us some feedback.